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Born: 3/3/2022
Sire: Bengamur Parker of UniquePrints
Dam: UniquePrints Autumn

We don't normally care for sheeted marbles but we really wanted to keep an Autumn daughter and she had to be spayed. We do know that sheeted marbles will also help with large rosetting and JuneBug did.   She is a beautiful girl with a sheeted pattern and super sleek coat, large sturdy structure and a beautiful head. Junebug  has the BEST temperament like her mother and grandmother before her and she is an excellent mother.

Best personality trait: Sweet girl and  GREAT mother!

Junebug is a sheeted marble that carries sepia.


** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal] by parentage

** Bengal PRA test pending. Mother was a carrier N/K


**PRO BNP (heart blood test) NEGATIVE

Sheeted Marble Bengal

UniquePrints JuneBug

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