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F1 bengal kittens


Interested in Purchasing a Unique Prints Kitten?


  Unique Prints Cattery is located in beautiful central Texas. We are in north Austin Texas and not too far from the San Antonio, Houston and Dallas areas. We would love to have you come for a visit and we are always happy to meet you somewhere as well if that is what you need us to do!!! Please begin the process by contacting us by email or phone if you are interested in one of our kittens/cats. Tell us a little bit about yourself and any specifics as to what type of kitten you are looking for ... color, pattern, sex, price range, etc. All the info that we get from you will help us find that purrrfect kitten for you and your household.

  Unique Prints Cattery prides itself in the quality, health and temperament of our Bengal cats and kittens.  Our priority is providing our kittens with the BEST homes possible. Therefore, each sale is handled on a 'per kitten' basis.  We want to make your kitten purchase a pleasant experience... we are easy to work with, our contract is simple and straight forward, and our prices are reasonable. Each kitten is priced individually depending on sex, age, quality of coat, contrast and color, and how closely they conform to the  Bengal breed standard. You can read about our PRICES by clicking on the "Prices"  dropdown link (under Purchase Information) on the above navigation links.



Good quality kittens are not cheap and you generally get what you pay for!  There is a LOT of time and expense involved in raising good quality kittens/cats.

Make sure you read about my pricing and purchasing.




All deposits on cats and kittens are non-refundable, so please be SURE that you really want the cat/kitten before you put up any money!!! You can transfer your deposit to another available kitten, or choose another kitten out of our upcoming litters. If no kitten is chosen within six months from date of deposit, you forfeit your deposit and the opportunity to transfer your deposit to another kitten, unless otherwise agreed upon. Make sure you read our Contract/Sales Agreement! Balance after deposit is due two weeks prior to kitten going home!




***THE BUYER becomes the owner of said cat/kitten upon Seller’s receipt of "Payment in Full".  "Payment in Full" and receipt thereof supersedes a signed Sales Agreement/Contract being in the possession of the Seller. "Payment in Full" will be held as a binding agreement to purchase said cat/kitten and will be held in lieu of a Sales Agreement/Contract being signed by Buyer and returned to the Seller. This also includes Deposits and Payments on kittens/cats as well as receiving/taking possession of a kitten/cat (kitten/cat being in your possession)!


*WE DO NOT CARGO SHIP! Any kitten delivered will be carried in cabin with us to it's destination airport to meet the buyer. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs. Delivery cost is 650.00 to most of the united states. Delivery cost includes: Complete Vet check, Vet health certificate, Certificate of Acclimation (if necessary), new airline approved carrier with comfy bed, custom safety katz harness and leash and the actual airline flight.


*For anyone who wishes to pay using paypal, there is a $4.00 fee per $100.00 sent to help cover some of the fees. 


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