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Born: 07/27/18

Sire: Deloittebengal Tamerlan of Kubera
Dam: Lansen Kleopatra of Kubera


We are EXTREMELY pleased with this new addition!! This boy has so much to offer our breeding program: AMAZING head and profile, soft glittered coat with HUGE rosettes, extreme horizontal pull to his pattern and an OUTSTANDING unrelated and different pedigree. He is a large sweet boy and we could not be happier with him.  We know he is going to do GREAT things here with us and contribute greatly to our spotted/rosetted program that we are getting back restarted! Thank you Tatsiana  for this beautiful and exceptional boy.


Daniel is homozygous for spotting and carries seal lynx point snow and melanistic!


** PRO BNP heart test negative 2021, 2022, 2023

**HCM normal 11/2022 - echo and PRO BNP

** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal]

** Bengal PRA N/N  [Normal - no copies of the PRA-b mutation]

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