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Good quality kittens are not cheap and you generally get what you pay for!  There is a LOT of time and expense involved in raising good quality kittens/cats.





**PET QUALITY  Kitten Prices: $2500.00 to $3500.00













PET QUALITY Bengals exhibit some traits or traits that the breeder does not wish to perpetuate within the bengal  breed. . . For example: a longer or thinner tail,  a tail kink or locket, larger or pointier ears, too much vertical in the pattern, color and clarity of the coat, etc.  None of these things put the kitten at a health risk or make it any less of a bengal but it does eliminate that kitten from being in a breeding program  and improving the breed. It also eliminates them from being shown. Most often the quality that distinguishes the pet quality bengal from a breeding quality bengal is subtle. We will gladly sell our BEST kittens into pet homes but their price will be higher. Our BEST will include kittens that are breeder and breeder/show quality. The price listed above is NOT guaranteed or set in stone. Top kittens are priced higher then above listed price.


**Breeder  Kitten Prices: start at  $3500.00 to $4500.00












BREEDER QUALITY Bengals exhibit  traits that the breeder does  wish to perpetuate within the bengal  breed. Some breeder quality kittens may exhibit traits that fall within the pet quality traits however the breeder may feel that the bengal has other attributes to offer that outweighs other factors. Kittens purchased for breeding programs represent good examples of the breed, even though they may not meet the strict criteria for the show hall. They carry the genes and potential to produce as good as themselves if not better! Of course we will sell our breeder kittens as pets, however they will be priced higher than our pet quality kittens.


**Breeder/Show Kitten Prices: start at  $4500.00 to $6000.00













BREEDER/SHOW QUALITY Bengals are those that best meet the breed standard for breed type, pattern, coloration and confirmation. These are the top of the line that exhibit the best of the best . . wild and exotic face, good profile and chin, great rosetting with little to no barring, short fat tail, good body confirmation, small rounded ears, etc.  Breeder/Show kittens are the very best that we have to offer. We will gladly sell our breeder/show kittens as pet as well however they will be priced higher than our pet quality kittens!

**PLEASE NOTE** The GOAL of Unique Prints Cattery is to breed and produce the BEST of the BEST. We do not purposly breed for cheaper/pet quality kittens. Our goal is for EVERY kitten to be exceptional and BREEDER/SHOW QUALITY!!!


*300.00 non-refundable deposit for pet kittens

*500.00 non-refundable deposit for breeder/show kittens.





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