I have been breeding Bengals seriously since January 2000 (got my start in 1999), and  then revamping in 2017 with my boyfriend. It has been a huge part of my life for many many years. Every day is more involved and exciting. We continually work at striving for the best and do it with total devotion, not only for the Bengal breed, but for current and future Bengal enthusiasts, current and future Bengal owners, fellow breeders, and friends.  Our Bengal girls are housed indoors, with us, as part of the family.  Kittens are raised, with love, in our home and under foot. Kids play a huge role in socializing all of the cats and kittens. The cats are started early around people and our dogs so that their transition into your home is easy on them.  Extra time and particular attention is given to "teaching" and "socializing" babies from day ONE, and this is to ensure that their first home is also their last/only home!!!  With that said, it is my opinion that -- There is no experience like the Bengal experience!


Unique Prints Bengal cats and kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and we are a member in good standing. Our motto is "Wild look, Gentle Nature" and it is 100% true of our bengals! We work hard for the wild and exotic look of the leopard cat but the temperament of the sweetest domestic. Healthy and temperament comes first,  type comes second and the "paint job" comes last. As with everyone we want it all and we do our best to get the best of everything into one cat. We work with Foundations as well as SBT's. We get a little bit of everything in our program .. brown, sorrel, snow, silver and charcoal - in the spotted variety :) If you are looking for it, we probably have it or will have it! Thank you for visiting .. Take the time and ENJOY our cats and our site.

Working with the BEST in order to produce the BEST!!

Health and temperament is of utmost importance to us! 

We strive to provide you and your family with a healthy and loving new family member!

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Centrally located in Austin, TX

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John L Wimberley

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