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uniqueprints Pearl

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Born: 02/27/2023
Sire: Bengamur Parker of UniquePrints
Dam: Luxxis Felicity of UniquePrints

Our keeper daughter from Felicity. She is a STUNNING seal mink bengal girl with large  outlined rosettes, short pelted glittered coat, beautiful head, straight profile, good chin and good  ears. She is a sweet sweet girl as well. She is extremely active with us and she loves her dogs! She is a water cat and will bug endlessly for us to turn on the faucet. Half sister to Amber.  We look forward to working with this beautiful snow girl. We are blessed!


Best personality trait: OUTSTANDING temperament and mother!

Pearl is a marble carrier.


** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal] by parantage

** Bengal PRA N/N [no copies of PRA, cat is normal] by parantage


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