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"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat."
- Tay Hohoff



Please make sure you take the time to read our Sales Agreement, Purchase Information and Pricing Information!



Please keep an eye on our queens page as we will mark when queens are retiring or soon to retire. Finding the BEST home for our retired girls, is our TOP priority. We want them to live their best retired lives being spoiled, pampered pets where they can live out their days on a couch being loved by a family. If you are interested in possibly giving one of our girls a home, please send us an email and tell us about yourself and your family. We match up our queens to the best home. PLEASE NOTE: Most queens do NOT get along with other female cats and may never get along with them again. Because of this we do not often allow a retired girl to go to a home with female cats.


Felicity is RETIRED! She is current on vaccination and spayed. She is ready to go!!!! Here is some info on Felicity....

Felicity is a retired 4 year old seal lynx point spotted bengal. Granddaughter to our retired queen Birdie. She has made many wonderful sweet adventure cats and has an exceptional temperament. She  loves to play and be loved on. Her favorite toys are anything feather but don't leave them down.. she will destroy them! She has the sweetest talks and chirps. She would do best as an only cat. ABSOLUTELY no female cats and I can't guarantee she will even get along with a older male cat. She needs to be placed as an only cat. She will easily adjust to a kitten after she gets settled in her new home. That is the best way to handle having more than one cat. she will accept a kitten later. Male would still be recommended.

Felicity travels well and is not super skittish so she can be taken out an about.


If you are interested in possibly adopting a retired adult from us ....

Please send us a VERY detailed email to with information about you and the possible home one of our girls could be joining!!

NO homes with other female cats!! All of our cats are raised in home with dogs. Some of our girls may not get along with any other adult cats (male or female) .... the ideal home would be where these girls are ONLY cats. All of our girls are very sweet and used to dogs and do well with them.

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