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Born: 9/20/2021

Sire: Solroyals Macho of Benlaria
Dam: Marusiaclub Augustine


We so happy to be adding this GORGEOUS mink spotted boy to our program!! This boy is a PHENOMINAL boy -SO healthy, extremely social, large bodied and beautiful. He is amazing in every way ... he has a great head and very small ears and beautiful profile. His coat is super soft and his color and contrast is exceptional.   He has so much to offer our breeding program: Awesome temperament, soft pelted and glittered coat with HUGE rosettes and a great pedigree. This boy is APB/A2 and will be used to make charcoal bengals here in our program.


Arni is pure for spotting  ... marble test pending!

**FeLV/FIV/HW Tested NEGATIVE 2022

** PRO BNP heart blood test NORMAL September 2022

** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal]

** Bengal PRA N/N  [Normal - no copies of the PRA-b mutation]

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