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BENGAMUR PARKER of Unique Prints



Born: 09/17/20
Sire: Inspiration Happy
Dam: Bengamur Katarina


We lucked out finding this STUNNING brown spotted boy. This boy is AMAZING - HUGE, healthy, social, confident and beautiful.  He has a beautiful head with great ears. He is beautifully rosetted with JET BLACK outlining and exceptional contrast. He is also dripping in glitter. He has so much to offer our breeding program: Awesome temperament,  beautiful rosettes and an OUTSTANDING pedigree. We know he is going to do GREAT things here with us and contribute greatly to our spotted/rosetted  program!  He will also be getting back into mink as he carries seal sepia and will produce mink with most of our cats who all carry seal lynx point. We will also be starting to venture into SEPIA with this boy. Thank you Victoria for sending this AMAZING boy to us. We are very grateful for this boy and excited for new ventures with the next generation..


Best personality trait: very sweet, gentle and playful!


Parker carries seal sepia and marble.


**PRO BNP heart test negative 2022
** PRO BNP heart test negative 10/2023

** PK Def  N/N by parentage  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal]

** Bengal PRA N/N  by parentage [Normal - no copies of the PRA-b mutation]

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