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Born: 01/14/2019
Sire: Uniqueprints Comoros of Luxxis (Birdie X Catsby)
Dam: Bluegrasskatz Yuki Hana

We have been trying to get a daughter from our girl Birdie with Zero luck but we now have a granddaughter! She is a STUNNING girl with large rosetting, short pelted glittered coat, beautiful head, straight profile, good chin and good  ears. One of our favorite things about her is her spotted tail. It reminds us so much of a leopard cats tail. . . small spots starting at the base of the tail and going down the tail. We really look forward to working with this trait and producing more of it along with spotted legs.  We look forward to working with this beautiful snow girl. Thank you to our good friend Shana for making this possible for us.  Felicity is a dog lover and the sweetest girl like her grandmother. We are blessed!


Best personality trait: OUTSTANDING temperament and mother!

Felicity is homozygous for spotting!


** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal]

** Bengal PRA N/N [no copies of PRA, cat is normal]


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