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Born: 04/01/2020
Sire: Kubera Daniel of Unique Prints
Dam: UniquePrints India


"Dima" is a gorgeous brown spotted girl born here at Unique Prints Cattery. She is a STUNNING girl with beautiful HUGE rosettes on a clear and glittered coat. She has an great head, beautiful profile,  super puffy whisker pads and large expressive eyes. She reminds me so much of her mama, India! We are very excited to see what she will produce for us.  She will just continue to move us forward. Dima is a half sister to Leelu and full littermate sister to Diamond!

Best personality trait: Sweet and social girl


** PK Def  N/N  [no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal] ... by parentage

** Bengal PRA N/N  [Normal - no copies of the PRA-b mutation] ... by parentage


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